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I am an independent consultant with more than 17 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. I specialize in building more sustainable local food systems using a variety of approaches, particularly through designing new programs, creating strategic plans, and securing funding. I have assisted nonprofits with organizational development and capacity-building tasks, including planning new staff structures, facilitating a successful merger and training boards of directors.

As the leading national expert on Farm Bill grant programs, I have completed 48 original proposals and numerous reports to a dozen different USDA programs, resulting in more than $3.8 million in new funding to date. I have also served as a project manager, evaluator, and national educator on USDA grants. My fundraising efforts have secured $8 million in non-federal funding for nonprofits as well, from sources such as foundations, events, and individual donor campaigns.

My depth and diversity of experience ensure that I fully understand the challenges facing your organization. I am prepared to help you achieve your goals!

Consulting Services:

  • Strategic development coaching for nonprofits and food businesses
  • Customized capacity-building services for nonprofits, including fundraising, strategic planning, mergers, program design, project management & evaluation
  • Partnership matching and facilitation for collaborative projects and mergers
  • Design of innovative new programs to meet community needs
  • Grant writing and creation of fundraising and marketing materials
  • Start-to-finish guidance with identifying and applying for USDA grants
  • Customized workshops and webinars on food systems and nonprofit capacity-building
  • Executive Director coaching on organizational direction, strategic planning, fundraising, program design, work-life balance, and other topics



Program Design for Social Impact

In my decade of working in nonprofit organizations and 7 years as an independent consultant, I have seen the difficulty most organizations have with actually achieving their mission. Obstacles such as staff members stretched to the limit, funders who don’t invest in capacity-building, and the often-crushing load of administrative tasks overshadow the creativity and good intentions of many nonprofit leaders, resulting in stagnation and burn-out. As a consultant, I offer a number of unique services to help you overcome these obstacles. I blend familiar nonprofit capacity-building tools such as fundraising, grant writing, program development, communications/marketing, strategic planning and evaluation into a customized approach that actually makes things happen.

What is Program Design?

Well-designed programs are the foundational building blocks that dictate whether a nonprofit will be successful in its work. All funders evaluate your proposals on the design of the program, whether or not they use this term. All plans created by nonprofits – strategic plans, communication plans, evaluation plans, fundraising plans – contain components of program design and cannot be successful without it. The programs I design take your specific goals, circumstances, and vision and match them with available funding, partnerships, and best practices in your field for successful, concrete plans of action. My design approach creatively combines and integrates all of the essential services needed to move good ideas forward. I bring this approach to all of my work, customizing a package to meet your organization’s needs.