I bill for my consulting services based on outcomes rather than hours. I set a fee at the outset of a project that corresponds to the scope of services and results to be achieved during the contract term, regardless of the number of hours involved. My fees are based on a specific list of outcomes and reflect the expertise needed to achieve successful results for your organization. I have received positive feedback from my clients about this model of billing, as it eliminates uncertainty about the cost of the project and allows us both to focus on achieving the best possible results.

  • Flat-fee rates are customized to each individual project, with billing based on a set of deliverables rather than hours. Service packages will be customized to meet your needs and budget.
  • USDA grant assistance packages can also be customized to your organization’s needs and your internal capacity and expertise — I can supplement your team’s resources with my specialized knowledge and experience, or prepare the entire grant and submit it for you (in collaboration with your team, of course!).
  • Full start-to-finish USDA application packages range from $6,000 – $9,000, depending on the complexity of the selected program. Sharing consulting fees between multiple organizations is encouraged for collaborative projects!